China-US Trade War

of the more economically rattling issues throughout 2018 was the trade war
between the United States. The United States government initially issued a 25%
tariff increase on imported Chinese goods on March 3, 2018, with China
retaliating on April 2, 2018 with their own tariffs ranging from 15-25%. The
trade war peaked in July with China declaring a Trade War started by the United
States. Since then, blows have been exchanged back and forth by enforcing
additional tariffs and scaring importers and manufacturers from both the United
States and China.

conflict was resolved at the G20 summit as the United States and China both
agreed to not inflict additional tariffs, halting an escalating economic
battle. We shall see how the rest of 2019 plays out and if both sides are going
to come to an agreement with the WTO on settling some of the issues that started
the war.

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