In 2018, Canada became the first global economy to legalize marijuana for leisure purposes. But you can find concerns about where you can buy and how to understand if you’re purchasing the authorized stuff. To assist you answer many of these questions, in this specific article, you shall get enlighten on everything you need to know about legalized marijuana in Canada. Let’s start with where to get it ( Source:eta Canada ).

Where you can Buy Legalized Marijuana in Canada

Cannabis legalization in Canada differs between provinces. To buy one, it depends on your area in Canada. In Alberta, you shall get recreational cannabis from any of the chosen 17 private retailers. These are distributed all around the province. If in Ontario, you can get your marijuana on-line. But in other regions, you may get them from both on the web and chosen retailers. For those surviving in Labrador or Newfoundland, weed is available in the stores run from the liquor board.

How to Know Very Well What You’re Buying

According to Canada’s wellness guidelines, each weed packaging must have everything essential to a consumer to help her or him make a decision. For example, it should have the producer’s name, weed strain’s name, and THC/CBD content. Also, it should have a disclaimer about the risks involved with using the container. The packaging ought to be clear, never to get mistaken as something else.

How Much Pot Can You Have?

As an adult, you get permitted to carry no more than 30g of dried weed in a ‘public space.’ Your vehicle can be your public space. You can only purchase up to 30g simultaneously. If caught with more than 30g of dried cannabis, you can get jailed up to five years.

How to Take the Marijuana

The Canadian government has allowed everyone to take recreational marijuana in any way they see fit. If you love brownies, you get free to incorporate cannabis inside your baking. Nevertheless, you must avoid the reach of kids. In New Brunswick, weed must get stored in a closed area or locked container.

Driving While High on Marijuana

It is unlawful to operate a vehicle while high on weed. Besides, it’s a bad idea because of different reasons. For instance, you may get into a major accident and harm yourself, other folks, or properties. Under the costs C-46, you get penalized if THC levels are of five nanograms in every milliliter of your blood. You get to pay at the least $1,000 as fine for the first offense. The next offense carries a the least one-month imprisonment, while the third and following offenses consist of at least four weeks in jail. In case you kill or maim anyone, these penalties can get worse like two years imprisonment or a life behind bars.


Though marijuana gets legalized in Canada, laws are governing its use and access as described above. To avoid the lengthy hand of regulations, you need to obtain it at the designated places. Also, generally go for {the quantity accepted for legal reasons. Avoid driving while high on marijuana and take it responsibly.

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